Clock Warranty and Returns

Movements - We test every movement for 24 hours prior to shipping out our clocks to ensure that they are working properly and even though we have never had any problems with the movements we use, we do know that there is always a chance that one could become defective once it has been received by the customer. If your movement stops working within the first 14 days after you have received your clock and you have followed all of our troubleshooting tips that we included with your clock, we will send you a replacement and may request that you send the defective movement back to us.

Ship to: Rusty Star, 13826 Blacksmith Run, Leo, IN 46765

After 14 days, you will need to purchase a new movement. Please contact us with your name, date of purchase and order number and we will send you a link to where you can purchase the same replacement.

Hands - We do not offer warranty replacements on the hands. The hands we use on our clocks are very fragile and very lightweight. Because of their size, we must use these lightweight hands to allow the movement to function properly.

We package the hands safely to ensure they are not damaged during shipping. Should you bend them upon receipt and are not able to straighten them, you will need to purchase a new set of hands from Please contact us for part information to ensure you get the correct size for your Rusty Star Clock.

Wood Information

**Please note that even though we do not use pallet boards for any of our products, the wood we do use for our clocks is still not perfect as it contains heavy grain markings and other light imperfections. We do not avoid these as we feel that this is what adds to the character of our clock and is what gives them the rustic look that we are very well known for. These characteristics ARE NOT defects or “smeared paint” due to our distressing and you should expect to see these markings on your clock.

Please also keep in mind that climate changes affect wood. You may notice shrinking and/or expanding of the boards and this is normal. If you have any concerns with your clock or sign, please do not hesitate to contact us!